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3D motion, UX-design, design system, front-end, back-end


Best website for business (b2b): ER-Telecom, ertelecom.ru

ER-Telecom is a leading Russian telecom holding. The company provides services 
of broadband access to the Internet, telephony and TV under the Dom.ru brand, implements a federal project for the construction of the IoT network and the deployment of LoRaWAN wireless networks

The main task is to build communication with numerous target audiences - from investors and government agencies, to end consumers. At the same time, it was important to follow from the company’s design code: this determined the choice of color scheme, additional elements and the overall style of the project. At the beginning, we received a lot of information that needed to be structured and assembled into a single kit, and this was a serious challenge. The output was a flexible and scalable design system that meets all customer requirements.

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